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Towing Transmission in Wooster, Ohio

Gain more power and performance with custom tuning and a towing transmissions from Wooster Diesel Performance Center in Wooster, Ohio.

Custom Tuning & Fabrication

In addition, we handle custom fabrication on trucks at our diesel performance shop. We install twin turbo kits or compound turbo kits. When a factory turbo charger is on the truck, we can install one that delivers more power. It works by allowing more air to flow into the combustion chamber. This compresses the air and provides more horsepower. Transform a truck that has 200 horsepower into a truck with 600-800 horsepower. We sell performance chips, exhaust, and cold air intakes to get the job done right.

Performance & Towing Transmission

Rely on us to customize your truck for towing, pulling and drag racing. We do tips, tuners and suspension. Many of our customers do hauling for a living. Typical stock transmissions cannot muster the power required for heavy or frequent towing. We sell a towing transmission specifically made for towing everyday or once in a while.

Our performance transmissions are built to maintain the power for the engine. Most stock transmissions are not meant to tow every day but our transmissions ensure your pickup truck is up to the challenge every day.

Red Engine, Towing Transmission, Custom Tuning in Wooster, OH

GM Vehicle Custom Tuning

We provide custom tuning,  EFI Live, for GM vehicles. We can go right into the engine and custom tune the exact way the engine performs. Basically, we are rewriting the tunes so we can give the engine more power or improve mileage. Choose from one to five different tunes. We can perform street tuning, towing, and pulling tune. We put a switch inside the truck that allows for five different tunes to meet different demands.
You change the way the vehicle runs by turning a switch. When needed, we can put a lock switch on the tuning or you can opt for a valet mode and lock so your truck won't accelerate over 50 miles per hour. All tuning is done to meet your specifications.

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